Bleak Future ahead

What hope do we have of a better future when nations after nations seem bent on the course to relinquish the rights we have so dearly fought for in the last two hundred years and for which many have given their life. Let’s consider, for a moment, what is happening around the world.

Russia and China, rival juggernauts and hotbeds of repression, appear to be revitalized by imperial ambitions: The former by annexing Crimea and supporting rebels in Ukraine for a start, the latter by ramping up its naval forces to project power in the South China Sea.

The Middle East is embroiled in fanaticism, threatening to inflame the world with terrorism in the name of Allah.

The so-called Islamist State caliphate also know as Daesh which, incidentally, has been financed and supported by western governments and the Saudi Arabia for years, battles on the front lines in Iraq and Syria while sending its “warriors of god” abroad, even radicalizing  people, through social media in the west to do its dirty work. Let’s not forget that the rise of the Islamist State is the direct result of the illegitimate war in Iraq conducted, under false pretenses, by the United States of America and Britain; the removal of Saddam Hussein created a power vaccum and explosive sectarian tensions between the Shia and Sunni branch of Islam did the rest. It is worthy to note that there was no terrorist presence in Iraq before the US invasion.

Turkey, a so-called ally of the United states, is moving towards a dictatorship as thousands have been arrested and allegedly tortured, in a purge launched by its president aiming to consolidate his power.

Europe, brought to its knees by the greed and speculations of banks and financial institutions, is more divided than ever and at the brink of collapse. The  dream of unity appears to be no more than a failed experiment.
The whispers of nationalism and anti-immigration ring louder, sparked by unscrupulous extremist political parties whose members are oblivious to the fact That the European Union has kept the peace in Europe for longer than before. Nevertheless, incensed by largest migration wave since the end of World war II, refugees from Syria, Iraq, afganistan and other war torn countries, they stoke fear and anger into their own population, fear of foreigners, anger towards the ineptitude and corruption of their respective government. History has proved many times that Fear and anger are chain reactions rather to be avoided than aroused.
Britain is already on the breakaway path, after the questionable results of a referendum that was supposed to be only advisory. Its right wing government makes no bones about wanting to reject the European Human rights act and is, in fact, under investigation regarding  the UK recent welfare reforms.
France is turning into a police state following the acts of terror in its territory. A temporary state of emergency was declared in 2015 but it is in danger of becoming permanent and seems to rather impinge on normal citizen rights and freedom rather than curbing terror attacks. In the meantime, despite numerous strikes and protest across the country and opposition from the National assembly, the French president is intent to do away with worker’s rights.

America loudly proclaims its racism, bigotry and religious radicalism while the rights of liberty, private property, free speech and privacy, enshrined in the constitution by enlightened men, are corroded every day in the name of National Security, or at the behest or corporate interests. Police officers shoot and kill african-american in all impunity and, for the most part, are getting away with it, triggering, yet again, more violence as they are now targeted by shooters out for revenge.
This year’s presidential election gives its people the choice between a chronic lying and warmonger, on one side, and a misogynic, racist demagogue, on the other, who have absolutely no qualms about enticing a foreign power to meddle with US presidential elections. It ultimately begs the question of who would be the lesser evil.

No country and no one is safe from the scourge of terrorism that infects the world and it seems that not a day goes by without a terrible act of violence being carried out by individual or groups identifying themselves with terrorist organizations. Given the perpetual menacing of dangers generated by those attacks, politicians keeps lobbying for more surveillance powers in order to prevent further horrors. Yet, most terror acts that have occurred in the last 15 years have been committed by some or all the perpetrators who were on terror watch list or monitored by intelligence services and police agencies; those institution, nevertheless, did failed to act and prevent them. Would it be far reaching to imagine that governments are, hence, motivated by a secret agenda and failed purposefully to act beforehand?

Democracy is a thin veil of illusion behind which the real power brokers call the shots, wrecking countries and people as they go along.

Will the new millennium be the age when “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall perish from the earth” ?


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