Trump president


This is a frightening moment. The world seems to revert to a pre World War 2 fever of xenophobia, uber-nationalism and intolerance.

After the rise of right wing nationalism in all of Europe, after surging wave of hate crimes and anti-immigration, after the dismaying Brexit victory vote in the UK and its government unapologetic stance against its most vulnerable people, America woke up today to the shocking news.

Donald Trump, the racist; Donald Trump, the enemy of women; Donald Trump, the bully; Donald Trump, the climate change denier;Donald Trump, the whiner; Donald Trump, the demagogue; Donald Trump, the new president of the USA. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Fear and hatred had won over common sense and all the possible red flags that have been raised over a two year campaign have been blatantly ignored.

Is fascism taking over  America ? Is America joining the club of countries such as Russia China, or Turkey ? It appears so when you consider, among other things,  the killing spree of African American by Police officers that the Justice Department has totally ignored or seems incapable to prosecute, when you consider the repression of the state towards Native Americans desperate to protect their land, their traditions and their water against encroachments of Corporate America, when you consider violations of civil rights that have been spreading all over the country, when you consider that rapist can receive unbelievably minimum sentences or avoid prison altogether.

With the victory of republicans in the House and  the senate, one can only conclude that Donald Trump will have a free hand to govern and impose his vision of  an “America great again” rampant with segregation and discrimination, isolationist policies and a dangerous view about nuclear weapons.

This is not the America that I once visited and admired. This is not the America that the founding fathers dreamed of.

There is something rotten inside American politics. The light of liberty and  the pursuit of happiness has been extinguished in one ominous night.


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