Saal-Digital Photobooks

Though I have considered making a photo book of my images, I have never got around to it.

That is until now. I saw and advert on Facebook from a photo book manufacturer called Saal Digital. This company based in Germany produces, among other things, photography books and the advert gives away to photographers with a social media presence a £40 voucher towards the order a a book in exchange for an honest review.

So I decided to take on their offer towards the creation of a  portfolio of work.

The software that you have to download (for free) is simple and user friendly. The hardest part was to select which photos I would include in the book.

My design consisted of the following specifications :

  • Photo book 21 x 28 (A4 portrait) Spreads: matte, 58 pages,
  • Cover: matte, unpadded (Although Saal does not recommend the matte option for a dark cover, I still decided for that option at my own risk and I was not disappointed),
  • Barcode: standard.

The delivery of the book was fast, considering that it was near the Christmas period an the book was shipped from Germany. The packaging was sturdy and I received the book undamaged.

As soon as I opened the package, I was much pleased with the professional quality of the book. The images are crisp, the colors are vibrants.

All in all, I am very happy with the book I received from Saal Digital and I recommend others who are looking to create a photobook to give them a try.

SAAL BOOKimg_1400img_1401img_1402img_1404img_1405


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