Fauna and Flora – part 2

Within the confines of the sprawling urban area that is Greenock, in the midst of the uproar and  rush that is generally associated with a town’s life, there are still some places which have remained untouched by the human hand, places have been left to abandon and disrepair and for which nature has reclaimed its dominion.

Such places of unattended wilderness, indication of a resilient natural world, are a mixture of lush grass; patches overgrown with dense thickets of tall nettles or unkempt wild brambles bushes; tufts of thistles about to bloom; cluttered growth of buttercups, dandelion and daisies; lonely foxgloves blossoming among brackens; dark recess of woods with old and gnarled trees whose bark are either covered with rampant ivy and soft moss, or gleaming in the diffuse light.

And in those places, varied life abounds, seemingly inured to the human activity around. As an observing eye is apt to notice, many species of bird are wont to nest in the trees, dashing from place to place. Wren, tits or red breasted robin enliven shrubs and bushes; blackbirds and jackdaws explore fields of grass, under the shade of aged trees, feasting on worms and insects; magpies often seem to argue in some sort of staccato language while fiercely competing for sticks or twigs.

A buzzing sound can be heard as bees appear in tbe midst of white clovers growth, their tiny body wrapped in black and golden fur that shimmers under the sun, as they fly from flower to flower, collecting nectar and spreading pollen around.

Wild rabbits warily emerge from a forest of nettles to munch on weeds and grass, all the while ready to scamper away at the first sign of any disturbance.


Female Blackbird







water drops on web



Foxglove (Digitalis Purporea)



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