Walk on the Greenock Cut

I returned to the Greenock cut. I returned to its solitary haven of nature; the lane alongside the aqueduct built by Robert Thom which runs from the Waterside cottage and laces its way around the silent hills and moors that overlook Greenock, the Inverclyde Royal Hospital and Larkfield, the Spango valley where the IBM plant used to thrive, the Ardgowan estate and its dense woods, the Inverkip Marina and the Leapmoor forest, before ending, finally, at the Cornalees Visitor Centre.

It was a Saturday morning of mid-June. Plump red fruits were beginning to appear in the raspberry bushes. beds of flowers blossomed along, sprinkles of white, purple, amber, turquoise and pinks on the verdant canvas of lush grass, like myriads of stars in the night firmament. A flutter of wings, a distant buzzing sound and butterflies suddenly appeared, bees hopped from flower to flower. Life everlasting.

Hawthorns came to sight, here and there, on the edge of the path. Arched by ruthless winds, their spindly branches soared defiantly nonetheless.

The deafening roar of flowing water, could be heard and, at the turn of the path, I could see the waterfall that feeds the Hole burn, a stream tricking down toward Penny Fern.

Common Valerian

Common Valerian

Heath Bedstraws

Heath Bedstraws

Red Clover

Red Clover

Germander Speedwell

Germander Speedwell



Sheep Sorrel


Fall at the Greenock cut

Fall at the Greenock cut

Inverclyde Royal Hospital

Inverclyde Royal Hospital from the Greenock cut


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